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Snaps - June 2014

Snaps – June 2014

Aside from yesterday’s lengthy Quito post, we haven’t written much here about our month in Ecuador. We suspect our typically ordinary photographs may not illustrate quite how much we enjoyed it, but enjoy it we did. (As always, you can find past posts in this monthly ‘Snaps’ series by clicking here.)     As soon...
Month 11

Month 11

10 May – 9 June 2014 Countries Peru & Ecuador (total 8) Distance 1,608.68km (total 12,502.77km) Climb 22,730m (total 105,929m; Will commemorated the 100,000m landmark on a traffic pole using a Sharpie; pictured above) Longest day 138.12km, Chuquicara to Trujillo in Peru (longest so far: 160.11km) Top speed 64.1kmh (fastest so far: 66kmh) Punctures 2...