links-1280A miscellany of links to touring sites that we’ve found useful, enjoyable or both. Blogs by touring cyclists who we’ve met on the road can be found in the sidebar on the right.

Fellow travellers

That Emily Chappell is a London-based courier who set out around the world a couple of years ago, although she’s currently back in London, and maintains an uncommonly well-written blog about her experiences on the road.

While Out Riding is Cass Gilbert’s site focused (but not exclusively) on his treks along tracks less travelled in Latin America. Both his writing and his photography are inspirational.

Andes by Bike is a fantastic resource compiled by Neil and Harriet Pike, two British cyclists with as much experience as anyone of riding on- and (mostly) off-road in this most daunting of ranges. There’s much more at their blog, Pikes on Bikes; the routes they’ve been taking in late 2013 and early 2014 are particularly extraordinary.

Pedalling About is the online home of the lovely Paddy and Laura Mottram, who rode a 14-month loop around South America starting and ending in Rio. We got in touch with them when they returned, and they’ve since been good enough to answer numerous questions, both sensible and stupid, over dinner and email.

Big Sur is home to Sarah and James, while A Thousand Turns is where you’ll find Anna Kortschak. There are a vast number of blogs by cyclists who either have done or are doing something similar to them (and us), but theirs are two of the most enjoyable we’ve found.

El Pedalero is the nom de plume (or whatever that is in Spanish) of Gareth Collingwood, who’s built a useful resource dedicated to cycling in Latin America.

Africa en Bicicleta is where Luis Laciar has written (in Spanish) about a gigantic ride he took through Africa a few years ago. Two weeks after we started our journey, we met Luis on the road in Brazil. He encouraged us to drop him a line if we ever made it to his home town of Mendoza. We did, and so we did…

The Globe Lovers, known to their friends and family as Xinhan Shen and Emilien Di Gennaro, have long since left Latin America but are still rolling around the world on their tandem. Another interesting perspective on touring the Americas can be found at Bicycle Nomad.

Pedaling Nowhere is Logan Watts’ bike-touring miscellany, which began as a place to document a trip to the Americas and has since morphed into something broader.

Cycling the 6‘s Steve Fabes finished with the Americas in September 2013. Australia is next on his world tour.

Helen’s Take On… is where you can read about Helen Lloyd’s adventures on two wheels (and, occasionally, on water) all over the world. Last spotted taking on Russia.

Alastair Humphreys has written widely about his experiences cycling around the world, and is now much in demand as a speaker on all things adventure-related.

The Hungry Cyclist seems to have gone quiet of late, but his blog archives still contain plenty of mouthwatering food for thought on seeking out interesting cooking while on the road. documents Sonya Spry and Aaldrik Mulder’s five-year ride through 47 countries.

Crazy Guy on a Bike is the dusty second-hand bookstore of the bike-touring blogosphere: don’t go in there expecting to find something specific, but don’t be surprised if you stumble on a worthwhile read.

The Lazy Rando has shut down his blog, but the archives remain and the list of links in the right-hand column remains invaluable.

Other travel blogs

Legal Nomads describes itself as a place ‘where culture, food and travel intersect’, which just about covers it.

Off the Road is the Smithsonian Magazine’s always-interesting travel blog, written by Alastair Bland.

Roads and Kingdoms aims to offer sparky reportage and unusual insights from around the world.

General touring resources

Travelling Two is a hugely useful community site focused on all aspects of bike touring that’s run by Friedel and Andrew Grant.

The Cyclists’ Touring Club (CTC) is focused mostly on bike touring in the UK, but their forum contains a wealth of knowledge useful to riders regardless of destination.

PanAm Riders is a Google group populated by riders who are tackling all or part of the Panamerican Highway.


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