Brett (UK)
riding from Cancún, Mexico to he’s not sure where

Some cyclists find it hard to get back in the saddle after a nasty accident. Not Brett. A canny lad from Sunderland – and how nice it was to hear that lovely accent for the first time in ages – he suffered some pretty serious harm when he was hit by a car a few years ago. After the driver’s insurance finally paid out, Brett bought a Surly Long Haul Trucker and flew to Cancún. Cycling alone for the previous couple of months, weighed down by a gigantic amount of stuff, he’s struggled a little with the solitary life; his route through Mexico, Guatemala and El Salvador hasn’t brought him into contact with many fellow travellers. Still, he’s in good spirits, and is hoping to hook up with other cyclists further down the road. He’s planning to get to Colombia, then decide what to do next.
6km short of the border with El Salvador at El Amatillo, Valle, Honduras
7 October 2014