Gavin (Ireland)
riding from Ushuaia, Argentina to somewhere in the USA
gavin-1024Our reluctant, safety-first decision to take the bus from Trujillo to Piura in northern Peru found the most terrible kind of justification when we started chatting to Gavin, a warm and likeable Dubliner who flagged us down as we cycled into Quito. A week or so before we reached Piura, Gavin had been riding north towards it when he was held up at gunpoint by a couple of local ne’er-do-wells. He escaped with his Surly Long Haul Trucker, his passport and his bank cards but not much else: along with his cash, his laptop, camera, iPod, e-reader, watch and tent (among other items) all fell victim to the bandits. Still, his sunny disposition has since led him to the bright side of the road: riding, he says, is much more enjoyable with a lighter load. On the day we arrived in Quito for a week-long stay, Gavin was preparing to head north after more than a fortnight in the city. He was planning to take his time through Colombia, though, so hopefully we’ll catch up with him somewhere down the road. His blog is here.
Quito, Pichincha, Ecuador
15 June 2014