Christoph & Sonja (Switzerland)
riding from Vancouver, Canada to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
RC&S-290We wondered when we’d run into another touring cyclist on the road, and it turned out to be a little sooner than we’d expected – less than 300km from Rio de Janeiro, where we started. The glowing individuals either side of Ruth in this picture are Sonja and Christoph, a charming couple who left Bern, Switzerland 11 months ago and have (among other highlights) ridden from Vancouver to the tip of Mexico along the Pacific coast, spent four months sailing in the Caribbean, and cycled through the Pantanal in Bolivia and Brazil. Note the outrageous tans – you can’t see it in this picture, but Christoph has a splendid pale sideburn streak on one cheek where the strap on his bike helmet has shielded his face from the sun – and the road-hardened legs with 11,000km of tarmac and trail behind them. They were en route to Rio, where they’re planning to catch a plane to Lisbon and then ride home. German-speakers can read about their travels at their blog.(They turned out to be the only bike tourists we met for a ridiculous five months.)
Picinguaba, RJ, Brazil
23 July 2013