Angèle (France/Canada)
riding from Bogotá, Colombia to Santiago, Chile

angele-1280In January, feeling a little restless, Angèle left a solid job in Montreal to embark on a solitary four-month haul through South America. When we met her at our Copacabana hostal, she was roughly halfway through a trip that’s taken in parts of Colombia (Bogotá to Cartagena), Ecuador (Quito towards the Amazon) and Peru (Cusco and points south). After exploring Bolivia, she’s planning to riding south through Argentina before flying back to her native France from Santiago in Chile; we traded route tips and riding philosophies over beer and pasta on our last night in town. Another devotee of the Surly Long Haul Trucker, Angèle’s a keen and gifted artist; her impressions of her trip, in both words and pictures, can be found at her blog.
Copacabana, L, Bolivia
24 March 2014



Rob & Amy (Canada)
riding from Cartagena, Colombia ‘as far south as we can get until we hit winter’

robamy-900The smiles on the faces of Rob and Amy, whose blog is here, belie the frustrations they were enduring when we met them during a brief visit to the Bolivian border town of Villazón. As Canadians, they have to fork out US$75 to enter Argentina, but they only learned that they have to pay the fee online after waiting in a queue at the spectacularly inefficient border crossing for two hours. Faced with internet speeds that would shame a tortoise, they were braced for a long afternoon. Having covered Colombia and Ecuador from top to toe, then ridden through parts of Peru and Bolivia, they’re aiming for Mendoza, roughly following the route we’ve just taken. Amy’s touring on a road bike with skinny tyres: hopeless on the bad dirt tracks of Bolivia, but it’s tarmac all the way from here. Or, at least, it will be when they finally cross the border…
Villazón, Bolivia
16 January 2014