10 January – 9 February 2015

Countries Mexico (total 16)
Distance 1,390.06km (total 23,747.04km)
Climb 14,346m (total 219,331m)
Longest day 111.03km, San Luis Potosí to El Huizache in Mexico (longest so far: 160.11km)
Top speed 60.7kmh (fastest so far: 68.8kmh)
Punctures 3 (total 37; Will leads 26-11, and suspects it might be time for a new tyre or two)
Touring cyclists encountered 1, plus a reunion with an old friend (total 91)
Best breakfast It would have been the giant banana cake that we bought from a wonderful bakery in the friendly village of San Felipe, had Ruth not scoffed it all the night before
Worst hill Sad to report that we’ve probably seen our last hill for a while – it’s mostly downhill to the US border, and all flat on the other side
Biggest waste of paper We were pleased to learn that the minimum order at the Mexico City printers where we replenished our stock of business cards cost just M$150, or about £7; however, this minimum order bought us 1,000 cards, which is about 900 more than we really needed
Bleakest hotel Security concerns in the north of Mexico means that wild camping is out of the question; as a result, we had no choice but to stay at the Hotel Romo, the only lodgings in the isolated truckstop town of El Huizache, despite the absence of a room key, clean sheets and (we belatedly discovered) running water
Movie of the month Pride, only the second English-language film we’ve seen in a cinema since we started this trip
Most childishly amusing chocolate-bar name Nugs, which for no good reason we can barely order without sniggering
Jettisoned en route A shirt, a scarf and yet another pair of headphones
Lost in transit A buff, lost in the laundry; a water bottle, left by the roadside; and M$1,000 (just under £50), stolen from our hotel room in Querétaro
Biggest mystery After 19 months in Latin America, how we’ll react to the US when we cross the border in less than a week’s time
Biggest surprise That after nearly four months in Mexico, we’re still discovering new dishes on restaurant menus – but more on that tomorrow

from Matehuala, San Luis Potosí, Mexico