10 December 2014 – 9 January 2015

Countries Mexico (total 16)
Distance 1,001.78km (total 22,356.96km)
Climb 12,238m (total 204,985m)
Longest day 121.56km, Tehuacán to Puebla in Mexico (longest so far: 160.11km)
Top speed 68.8kmh (fastest so far; we’re not coming home until we’ve passed the 70kmh barrier)
Punctures 2 (total 34; Will leads 23-11)
Touring cyclists encountered 2 (total 90)
Longest town name Miahuatlán de Porfirio Díaz, San Pablo Villa de Mitla, San Juan Bautista Coixtlahuaca and San Martín Texmelucan de Labastida were pipped at the post by (deep breath) Cuatro Veces Heroica Puebla de Zaragoza; or, to its friends, plain old Puebla
Cheapest bottle of mezcal It came from the dog-eared shop run by the Unión de Palenqueros de Oaxaca, it cost M$30 and it wasn’t half as rough as we feared
Priciest wedding cake The seven-tier, 110kg, chantilly-and-meringue monster at Pastelería Ideal, Mexico City’s most famous bakery, advertised for sale at a cool M$17,600 (£800)
Best breakfast The enchiladas and atole at El Típico in Oaxaca, so good that we went back twice
Worst hill Probably the unpaved climb over the Paso Cortes that we reluctantly opted against taking to enter Mexico City; our tyres are currently fine on tarmac but hopeless on sandy dirt
Jettisoned en route Two ragged shirts, a broken bicycle pump, various worn-out bike parts, a tyre, three books and some overshoes
Lost in transit Thanks to a chaotic launderette in Cuatro Veces Heroica Puebla de Zaragoza Puebla, various items of clothing that we could ill afford to lose
Biggest mystery Whether next month’s summary will come from north or south of the US-Mexico border
Biggest surprise The traffic in Mexico City, which is nothing like as bad as we were led to expect – we’ve dealt with far worse on the Euston Road

from México, Distrito Federal, Mexico