10 September – 9 October 2014

Countries Costa Rica & Nicaragua (both of us), plus Honduras & El Salvador (just Will; total 14)
Distance 1,692.18km (total 17,699.34km)
Climb 15,879m (total 171,006m)
Longest day 119.12km, Masaya to León in Nicaragua (longest so far: 160.11km)
Top speed 67.2kmh (fastest so far: 67.4kmh)
Punctures 1 (total 25; Will leads 18-7)
Birthdays 1 (total 3; Will leads 2-1)
Thefts 1 (total 2; Ruth’s purse, pinched in Granada by a pickpocket on a bicycle)
Touring cyclists encountered 1 (total 71)
Boats 2 (total 35)
Best breakfast Slim pickings this month, but it’s safe to assume that – like more or less every meal here – it came with rice and beans
Worst hill There’s some lovely riding on the back roads between Orotina and Naranjo in central Costa Rica, but 20% is a fairly uncivilised gradient for any climb
Ice cream of the month Tourist traffic disappears during the rainy season on Costa Rica’s Nicoya Peninsula, and many businesses shut up shop; Robin’s Café, though, remains open, and its ice creams make for a welcome treat
Jettisoned en route A couple of books and Ruth’s iPhone, which finally died in Liberia, Nicaragua
Lost in transit Ruth’s purse
Biggest mystery Honduras, through which Will sped in not much more than a day
Biggest surprise For a few days last week, it actually stopped raining

from Alegría, Usulután, El Salvador (Will) & Granada, Granada, Nicaragua (Ruth)