10 August – 9 September 2014

Countries Colombia, Panama & Costa Rica (total 11)
Distance 1,450.86km (total 16,007.16km)
Climb 12,542m (total 155,127m)
Longest day 147.17km, Santiago de Tolú to Cartagena de Indias in Colombia (longest so far: 160.11km)
Top speed 66.5kmh (fastest so far: 67.4kmh)
Punctures 1 (total 24; Will leads 17-7)
Touring cyclists encountered 5 (total 70)
Dog bites 1 (total 3)
Boats 8 (total 33)
Most ridiculous storm The competition is as fierce as the downpours – as we always knew we would, we’ve arrived in Central America in the thick of the rainy season – but the apocalyptic explosion that had Will sheltering with a kindly Panamanian family for nearly three hours in the hills north of David is our current leader
Best breakfast The largest pile of pancakes either of us has ever seen, which somehow proved too much for the 11 guests and four crew members aboard the Stahlratte
Worst hill The massive descent down to Taraza in northern Colombia, a beautiful but faintly melancholy downhill that finally brought to an end our time in the Andes
Ice cream of the month We could be riding around here for another decade and never find a chocolate ice cream as awe-inspiring as that created by Gelatería Paradiso in Cartagena
Jettisoned en route Some more of Ruth’s clothes, as usual
Lost in transit Some more of Ruth’s clothes, as usual
Biggest mystery When it’s going to stop raining
Biggest surprise People go, willingly and perhaps even enthusiastically, to Panama City on holiday

from Carate, Puntarenas, Costa Rica