10 February – 9 March 2014

Countries Chile & Peru (total 7)
Distance 765.64km (total 8,897.16km)
Climb 9,092m (total 63,935m)
Longest day 129.45km, Huara to Cuya in Chile (longest so far: 160.11km)
Top speed 61.3kmh (fastest so far: 62kmh)
Punctures Amazingly, none (total 16; Will leads 11-5)
Dog bites 1 (and we hope this is one statistic that won’t change over the next few months)
Touring cyclists encountered 3 (total 36)
Planes 1 (total 3)
Pisco-based cocktails We’re trying to limit ourselves to one a night
Best breakfast The gigantic spread at the Miculla Hotel in Tacna, just across the border from Chile, raised our hopes that Peru might be a country that understands the joy of an early-morning feast
Worst hill Suffering the after-effects of some Peruvian street food, Ruth was none too keen on the 1,200m slog up into Arequipa from the grubby truckers’ hub of San José
Jettisoned en route A few more of Ruth’s clothes
Lost in transit For once, nothing
Biggest mystery Whether taking nearly a month off our bikes will have left us completely out of shape when we eventually get going again from La Paz some time next week
Biggest surprise We’re in Lima

from Lima, Peru