encounters-2500Followers of this blog may have noticed our occasional posts about other touring cyclists we’ve met during the course of this trip. We’re hoping to photograph and write something about every cicloturista we encounter, a small attempt at documenting the variety of two-wheeled touring traffic that’s constantly on the move throughout the Americas.

We’ve now moved all the profiles to a new section of this site. You can find it under the ‘Encounters’ menu at the top of each page, or simply by clicking here. Whenever we meet other touring cyclists, we’ll write about them in the ‘Encounters’ section rather than on the blog (so if you subscribe to the blog by email, you’ll need to visit the site to see the profiles). And if any of the bike tourists we meet have websites of their own, we’ll add them to the links menu that we’ve introduced to the right-hand column of every page.

from Purmamarca, JY, Argentina