10 November – 9 December 2013

Countries Argentina & Chile (total 5)
Distance 1,417.88km (total 5,115.58km)
Climb 3,666m (total 32,998m)
Longest day 142.26km, Rosario to Marcos Juárez in Argentina
Top speed 47.2kmh (fastest so far: 62kmh)
Punctures 1 (total 11; Will leads 8-3)
Boats 0 (total 20)
Planes 1 (total 2)
Appearances on local TV and radio 2
Bank cards cloned 1 (Will’s debit card, fraudulently used to the tune of £3,500 over a seven-transaction, 36-hour binge in northern Brazil roughly two months after we left the country)
Bank cards accidentally given a full-cycle warm wash in a washing machine 1 (Ruth’s credit card, which fortunately still works)
Highest temperature promised by the weather forecast 33°C
Highest temperature recorded by our GPS 47°C
Best breakfast The charming Mito Casa Hotel in Santiago offers a splendid spread, better than anything we found in Argentina (which doesn’t really do breakfast)
Worst hill The Andes, though we’re not sure they count since we crossed them in a coach
Jettisoned en route Various items of clothing (rarely worn) and Ruth’s treble recorder (unplayed), all sent home; an Aeropress, a fuel bottle, an emergency rain jacket and two pairs of worn-through socks, all tossed out
Lost in transit Will’s mobile phone, which was either pickpocketed or fell from his pocket in a park while he was (of all things) pulling skids on a rented tricycle; Ruth’s cycling gloves, pinched from outside a winery; and most of the skin on Will’s nose, burned off by the sun in the Argentine province of San Luis
Missed opportunity Wondering why there were so many cyclists out in Santiago last Saturday evening, we were told that they were all about to ride 120km overnight to the coastal city of Valparaíso, taking advantage of roads that had been closed for pilgrims making the trek part-way on foot for a religious festival; our bikes, gallingly, were 360km away in Mendoza
Biggest mystery Where we’re going to spend Christmas Day
Biggest surprise Our plans have changed again, though on second thoughts, perhaps this isn’t really such a surprise

from Santiago, RM, Chile