10 October – 9 November 2013

Countries Uruguay & Argentina (total 4)
Distance 247.71km (total 3,697.70km)
Climb 870m (total 29,332m)
Longest day 55km, pootling about in Buenos Aires (longest so far: 139.04km)
Top speed 44.2kmh (62kmh)
Punctures 1 (total 10; Will leads 8-2)
Boats 3 (total 20)
Planes 1
Steaks We’ve lost count
Hours of Spanish classes 85
Spanish verb tenses learned Ocho, más o menos
Glaciers walked on 1
Cheapest bottle of malbec bought AR$17, or about £1.10; surprisingly drinkable
Best breakfast Our morning visits to the Mariposa Bakery, halfway between our apartment and the language school where we’ve been studying Spanish, were a daily ritual we were sad to lose
Worst hill Nothing springs to mind
Jettisoned en route An eye blind, an enamel mug, a broken glasses case and a copy of ‘Perfect People‘ by Peter James
Lost in transit Our momentum
Lost in transit but then found Ruth’s wallet, which a stranger rescued on the street in Buenos Aires and took to the agency from which we’d been renting an apartment after finding the agency’s business card in it; in the impossibly unlikely event you’re reading this, mystery stranger, thank you very much
Biggest mystery The Argentine economy
Biggest surprise Once again, we’ve rather ground to a halt

from El Chaltén, SC, Patagonia, Argentina