10 September – 9 October 2013

Countries Brazil & Uruguay (total 4)
Distance 1,510.87km (total 3,449.99km)
Climb 9,403m (total 28,462m)
Longest day 139.04km, Pelotas to Jaguarão in Brazil
Top speed 57kmh (fastest so far: 62kmh)
Punctures 4 (total 9; Will leads 7-2)
Broken spokes 1 (total 2)
Boats taken 1 (total 17)
Horses ridden 1 each (total 2 each)
Birthdays celebrated 1 (Will)
Appearances in local newspapers 1
Number of times we’ve absent-mindedly said ‘obrigado’ (Portuguese for ‘thank you’) instead of ‘gracias’ despite having long since left Brazil We’ve lost count
Best breakfast The fine spread at Magia das Águas, on the edge of the Aparados da Serra National Park, made for a splendid start to the day
Worst hill The road west from Praia Grande, which crosses the border separating the Brazilian states of Santa Catarina and Rio Grande do Sul, consists of 15km of appalling dirt track with more than 900m of net elevation gain up into the Serra Geral; we’re not embarrassed to admit that we did it in a taxi
Jettisoned en route A copy of Peter Robb’s exceptional ‘A Death in Brazil’ and a Brazilian Portuguese phrasebook
Lost in transit Most of the Portuguese we spent 80 days gradually accumulating in Brazil
Biggest mystery Spanish verb tenses (but we’re working on it)
Biggest surprise The wealth of fabulous independent bookstores, new and used, in Montevideo; if only our Spanish was strong enough for us to get stuck into their stock

from Montevideo, Uruguay