10 July – 9 August 2013

Countries 1 (Brazil)
Distance 592.19km
Climb 5,526m
Longest day 97.44km
Top speed 57.4kmh
Punctures 1
Boats 7
Number of times pulled over by the police 2
Best breakfast Casa Milà at Praia da Almada; juices, breads, granola, fruit, strong coffee and gorgeous views out into the bay
Worst hill The embarrassing slog uphill just west of Maresias, mentioned here, was pretty bad
Jettisoned en route Three books, a T-shirt, two tops, a rubbish pair of Endura cycling shorts, a bum bag and a bungee
Lost in transit A half-full bottle of Dr Bronner’s Liquid Soap and two socks (inevitably, not a pair)
Biggest mystery The outlandishly high price of chips
Biggest surprise We haven’t actually gone very far yet

from Itanhaém, Brazil