We’re both wholly unaccomplished photographers, and any quality that any of our pictures possess is due much more to our camera than to our own endeavours. Nonetheless, at the end of each month, we’ll post ten-ish photographs that might help to provide some sort of narrative arc for those of you who’d like to follow our journey. There are many more pictures, most no better than these humble holiday snaps, on our Flickr page.



leaving-1024Day 11 in Rio was day 1 on the road. As we prepared to leave our hotel, Ruth, nervous, explained our journey to a pair of Frenchmen. The reassurance they offered in return was, in its shrugging bafflement, reassuringly French. (Incidentally, there’d be more photographs from Rio had our camera’s SD card not self-destructed on the day before we left the city.)
Rio de Janeiro, RJ, Brazil
20 July 2013



santa-1024About 10km west of the small town of Coroa Grande, a cluster of faded buildings came into view at the side of the road. Closer inspection revealed what appeared to be a derelict Christmas theme park.
west of Coroa Grande, RJ, Brazil
22 July 2013



oi-1024Brazil’s largest telephone network pays inadvertent tribute to Ian Dury.
west of Mangaritiba, RJ, Brazil
22 July 2013



igboat-1024Our bikes got a break from the asphalt as we took the boat from Angra dos Reis to Ilha Grande. Not visible: the salt water that spilled all over them (and us) on what turned out to be an unexpectedly choppy crossing.
the boat to Ilha Grande, RJ, Brazil
23 July 2013



igbeach-1280Our arrival on Ilha Grande, a beautiful if slightly dog-eared island, coincided with two days of heavy rain. Showing a stoically British determination to enjoy themselves whatever the weather, everyone took to the beach as soon as it stopped, even though it was hardly a sunseeker’s feast.
Ilha Grande, RJ, Brazil
26 July 2013



parati-1280Paratí thrived as a port between the 17th and 19th centuries before falling into decline and becoming little more than a ghost town. Today, its revived and restored centre a picture-postcard jumble of cobbled streets and immaculately painted houses (most of which now hold hotels, shops and restaurants), its key industry is tourism: in a town of barely 35,000, there are around 300 different hotels, pousadas and other places for visitors to stay in what now amounts to a Portuguese colonial theme park.
Paratí, RJ, Brazil
28 July 2013



dogvulture-1280A dog chasing a vulture. Guess who won.
Praia da Almada, SP, Brazil
30 July 2013



bird-1280It’s proven surprisingly difficult to find a decent source book with which to identify the rainbow of birds we see at almost every stop. This one liked melon.
Praia da Almada, SP, Brazil
30 July 2013



mila-800Hidden in the hills on the coast road close to Ubatuba, Casa Milà is a beautiful pousada built by two architects who left São Paulo a few decades ago in search of a quieter life.
Praia da Almada, SP, Brazil
31 July 2013



from Lagoa de Conceição, Ilha de Santa Catarina, Brazil